When we started over 30 years ago, candidate engagement was limited to phone, postal and the "Help Wanteds". Oh how times have changed with the Digital Revolution.

Today recruitment IS marketing. Specifically multi-channel, multitouch, integrated marketing communications. Candidates must be reached where THEY are at, not where we think they are at. With mobile, social, SMS, and many other points of reach, the only way to ensure comprehensive reach and touch is with the latest in AI profile aggregation, data mining and synchronized marketing automation.

Sonata is not just a Search Firm, we now offer multi-channel Recruitment Marketing!

Building upon our founders experience as a demand generation expert for companies across the globe as founder of Renova Digital, we apply sophisticated and effective recruitment direct marketing technologies and automation “as-a-service” to help our SMB clients level the war for talent, and affordably compete with larger industry contenders armored with advanced sourcing tech and warchest budgets.

Timing IS everything and to win great talent, you must reach the most aligned candidates, with a compelling narrative, through multiple channels before your competition does.

Sonata will get you there.

Regarding Our Executive Search Side.

Humans aren't perfect.

But Our Fee And Guarantee Model Is Perfect And Clients Across The Globe Agree.

Imagine a search partner that not only delivers exceptional talent, but only gets paid AS the placed candidate proves their value (over significant time) and stays with you.

Introducing… Pay As They Stay (PATS) by Sonata Talent.

Hire a candidate from Sonata Talent and pay us a fraction of the fee each month. If the candidate doesn’t work out.  Simply STOP paying.

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Why Pay-As-They-Stay?

Here's what a customer has to say...

The World's Most Fail-Safe Recruitment Guarantee...

Is the perfect Rx for recruiting in uncertain times.

Backed by over 270 niche experts nationally.

For over 25 years Sonata Talent executive search and consulting has served hundreds of companies throughout North America in over 40 practice areas. Each Managing Partner is a proven leader in their industry. Each of our leadership team members has an average of 15 years tenure in their respective vertical.

Uniquely, Sonata Talent’s growth model runs counter to the recruitment industry at large and for good reason. Rather than distilling our focus into limited practice areas, we grow practices around proven search partners who have attained industry mastery in their given vertical. This results in exceptional domain expertise, more aligned hires and overall improved client satisfaction.

Serving Clients In a variety of Industries.

From Information Technology to Construction, Healthcare to Biotechnology and over 40 + practice areas our model galvanized AROUND proven industry sector search consultants has you in good hands.

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Legal
  • Arts, Design, Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Office & Administrative
  • Community & Social Service
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Sciences
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Food Services
  • Transportation

Sonata Talent?

Sonata Talent’s Recruiting Platforms and Processes are Smarter, Better, Faster

Founder and CEO, Phil Foti, has a unique skill set as both a Search Consultant for over 30 years and a proven CMO | Digital Marketing Authority. He founded Renova Digital Marketing, with a successful exit in 2022. Phil is known for forging creative workarounds and solutions outside of industry “group think”, which few others see. He’s not a fan of job boards, he is a hunter and knows how to deploy automation and technology along with clear strategy and narrative to achieve outstanding results for clients.

We're not just a recruitment firm, now, let's talk 'done for you' recruitment marketing and automation for companies that want to build their own responsive, on-demand talent channels.

"People-Proof" your Recruitment with My AI LinkedIn Digital Recruiter

We’ll grow your LI connections 5X faster and recruit 24 x 7, 365  saving you tens of thousands in recruiter salaries and recruitment fees, at 5X human productivity.

It starts with engaging with thousands of laser-targeted candidates per year 5X LinkedIn’s invitation limitation, capturing the ‘recruit-ready’ and nurturing the ‘not ready’.

Through our process, we find your narrative, voice, and tone use it in a content strategy that is not only helpful but thought-provoking and casual style.

With our content deployment and one-of-a-kind utilization of LinkedIn Messenger, we can deliver custom-tailored invitations and messages to thousands of LinkedIn members annually, per account.

If you want “off” the hamster wheel of perpetual and fruitless job postings, (which only address 10% or less of ANY talent universe) and are willing to try ‘direct engagement” of your TOTAL addressable candidate audience, then download our deck below.

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LinkedIn Reach

Invite | Connect | Message | Engage

With 100% visibility into the LinkedIn network, our staff’s LinkedIn profiles acting as proxies on your behalf will invite, connect and engage with candidates you are seeking with granular accuracy.

Starting at only $500 per role/campaign, our clients are ditching job postings that reach less than 10% of a candidate pool for an option that reaches PASSIVE candidates, the 90% that aren’t looking. Trust us, you want to hire these.

Why waste your money on a job posting that reaches a tiny fraction of your talent audience. Sonata will promote your roles TO your broader audience, quickly and comprehensively via LinkedIn.

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