About Us

Sonata Talent was founded by Philip Foti, a recognized national staffing industry thought leader, speaker and entrepreneur for the purpose of overlaying best practices in Marketing Communications and modern Digital Marketing expertise to the executive search industry. We believe that dynamic engagement with passive candidates through multi-channel marketing in combination with live recruiter engagement gives us the upper-hand in reaching high value talent wherever they are.

We apply unique competencies derived from modern business-to-business and business to consumer marketing practices such as

  • Flash Talent Pipeline Generation
  • Candidate Pipeline Nurturing
  • Social media engagement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Retargeting
  • Cold-email
  • Pay-per-click talent geotargeting
  • Data append and enrichment
  • In-house dedicated research teams
  • In-house software development creating propriety recruitment intelligence capabilities that help us reach talent markets 5X faster than tradition firms.

These methods applied to the recruitment industry… results in accelerated time-to-fills for even the most complex searches.

Sonata Talent provides Search and Consulting services to over 40+ industry throughout the United States and Globally.

For over 21 years our success has been predicated on:

  • Long-term- Customer satisfaction- We value the Customer Lifetime potential and not the one-off placement so common in our industry and we choose our clients accordingly.
  • Research Driven Recruitment: Every search has a unique DNA… and often requires a unique approach in tools and strategies allocated to each project. The essence of a successful search outcome is preliminary research. Much like the importance of tee placement, alignment and posture to setup for a great golf shot… hand curated… intelligent research sets up for success in search. Unlike most agencies we don’t rely solely on one recruiter to perform this critical function, we uniquely have a team dedicated to exclusively conduct research in tandem with our recruiters.
  • Focused Desks: At Sonata Talent, we build our practice around “proven industry experts” and we allow them to focus solely on customer success, project management and search strategy allowing recruiters and sourcers to focus on recruitment operations.
  • Sensible Workflow Allocation: Our own offshore team at Sonata Talent conduct online, time-intensive “sourcing” projects for each assignment, freeing our Onshore US based Recruiters to focus on on-to-one passive candidate engagement.


To speak with an Sonata Talent Representative about how we can apply our solutions to your challenges contact us.