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Austin-based, Sonata Talent, Changing the Executive Recruitment Game

Those who have worked in the recruiting industry know how challenging and competitive it can be.

Turnover and burnout are high, rejection is common, and everything moves at a blistering pace.

Executive recruiters who operate independently know these truths especially well as they are simultaneously generating leads and closing deals themselves, an exhausting combination.

For these professionals, we have good news.

We found a game-changing company out of Austin, TX that is disrupting the status quo and breathing new life into an industry that has operated in much the same way for decades.

Founded in 2004, Sonata Talent helps experienced executive recruiters build sustainable and profitable businesses by offering a suite of intelligence-driven marketing communication services and paired recruitment teams that eliminate much of the burden of working independently.

So How Does It Work?

Executive recruiters who partner with Sonata Talent due so for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, Sonata Talent sets itself apart with its proprietary sales intelligence software that identifies companies seeking to fill job openings as well as the hiring managers behind those decisions.

Lead generation that would take a solo recruiter thousands of hours can be done in a matter of minutes through Sonata Talent’ platform.

Strategic partners also get assigned a dedicated marketing team that maintains a constant flow of job orders as well as a recruiting team that helps source for openings.

The support provided to partners enables them to focus more on closing deals rather than on having to manage the full spectrum of responsibilities that typically comes with independent recruiting.

Together, executive recruiters and Sonata Talent form a complete recruiting platform where each party is spending its time in the most effective way possible.

Sonata Talent splits commissions 50/50 with its partners, thereby sharing in the risk and reward. Recruiters signing on with the firm are also able to maintain their existing client base while they expand under the Sonata Talent umbrella.

Founder Philip Foti, Staffing Industry Expert and Thought Leader

For many years, Philip Foti has pushed the thinking in the recruiting industry.

Philip recognized an opportunity to improve the overall experience for executive recruiters when he saw so many of his peers had virtually no work-life balance, were low on morale, and were burning out.

Since then, Sonata Talent has placed executives in companies across more than 40 industries throughout North America and Canada.

Looking to the future, Philip is excited to continue partnering with ambitious, independently minded recruiters who recognize the value that Sonata Talent brings to the table. By the end of 2019, Philip hopes to partner with 70 more business partners, and establish them as thought leaders in their respective verticals.

How To Learn More

For those interested in learning more about how Sonata Talent works with its strategic partners, this video provides a great overview of the firm’s capabilities and services.

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