Executive Search and Consulting

Executive Search (Headhunting)

For over 21 years we’ve been helping architect and build workforce’s for some of the fastest growing companies in the US and globally.

Our client success stack is built on these fundamentals.

  • Our executive search method is built upon extensive front-end research conducted by a team who’s only function is research.
  • Our sales and project managers are seasoned executive search consultants whose sole dedication is to the client and not recruiting.
  • Our primary recruitment operations teams are US based, we believe onshore US based recruiters are necessary to build rapport with the most sought after passive candidates who may need a professional nudge or hand holding through the search process.
  • Our offshore team complements our onshore team by providing online sourcing, research and routine workflows that might otherwise hinder a seasoned onshore recruiter from doing what they do best. Getting an A player to come work for you, our client.

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Contract staffing provides the flexibility to manage workloads and reduce employment costs.

Our service will allow you to reduce your overall staffing costs and increase your staffing flexibility without the time consuming administrative and financial responsibilities associated with employing personnel.

Sonata Talent Contracting can provide a variety of staffing alternatives including:

  • Traditional Contracting (Staff Augmentation)
  • Temp-to-Direct Hire