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IT Leadership Survey : 73% of Companies Plan More Tech Hiring in 2014

A national survey shows tech hiring isn’t getting any easier and may get even harder this year.

Surveyed hiring managers and recruiting professionals to find 73% of them report their companies plan to do more hiring of tech workers in the next several months. Nearly a quarter of all the survey respondents said their tech hiring would be “substantial.”

Lured by more pay, the number of professionals switching jobs is growing. More than 40% of the survey respondents said they’ve lost tech staff in the last six months. That compares to just over 30% who said that in the spring survey. The number one reason for the job changes: pay, reported three-quarters of the survey participants.

Making clear just how challenging the recruiting environment is for companies seeking tech workers, almost 6 in 10  said they’ve had to leave to positions vacant because of their existing salary guidelines. And a third of them have had offers rejected.


John Zappe