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Maslow’s Hierarchy of an IT Manager’s Needs

As an IT manager, your team is the backbone of operations. Recruiting, training, and keeping highly-skilled professionals is among the most important things you do. Even the most basic staffing problems can lead to weaknesses throughout an organization.

A recent article in Information Management discusses how Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs applies to the information systems field. Maslow, a popular 20th-century psychologist, described an order of needs that exists in every human being and how each of those needs relies on those below it. If a person's need for food and shelter isn't satisfied, that person likely won't be motivated to search for prosperity and safety.











Basic IT Needs

In a similar way, the success of any IT infrastructure relies on its basic needs being filled. Information Management described information management's basic needs as employees, information, funding, and facilities.

If an entire data center is wiped out, an information systems department will likely not concern itself with initiating a major project, for instance. Likewise, if an IT department is suffering a mild to severe staffing shortage, that business will be unable to focus on the areas of growth that need regular attention.

Satisfying an organization's IT staffing needs begins with finding the right employees from the beginning. A dedicated IT manager will know how to balance each team member's individual strengths against the strengths of others on the team, forming a well-balanced group that works together, communicates well, and works to further the goals of the organization as a whole.

Finding the right employees is critical to creating an IT staff that supports a company's infrastructure. By using Sonata Talent to source and screen the best employees, organizations are able to focus on serving the higher technology needs of a business, helping propel operations into the next phase, supported by a strong, talented team.