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We’ll grow your LI connections 5X faster and recruit 24 x 7, 365,  saving you tens of thousands in recruiter salaries and recruitment fees, at 5X human productivity.

It starts with engaging with thousands of laser-targeted candidates per year 5X LinkedIn’s invitation limitation, capturing the ‘recruit-ready’ and nurturing the ‘not ready’

We find your narrative, voice, and tone used in a content strategy that is not only helpful but thought-provoking and casual style.

With our content deployment and scalable utilization of LinkedIn Messenger, we can deliver custom-tailored invitations and messages to thousands of LinkedIn members annually, per account.

If you want “off” the hamster wheel of perpetual and fruitless job postings, (which only address 10% or less of ANY talent universe) and are willing to try ‘direct engagement” of your TOTAL addressable candidate audience, then you’re at the right place.

The reality is recruitment in our age is more complex than ever before, and certainly more sophisticated than just simply posting a job, especially for skillsets in scarcity, by now you’ve discovered this.

Recruitment IS MARKETING.

It’s marketing because candidates just like sales prospects must be segmented by demographics and psychographics, then layered with a convincing tone and content strategy. And of course, targeting must be multi-channel and engagement multi-touch.

Ah the Good ‘Ol Days

In the past, candidates found jobs through word-of-mouth, the local newspaper, or a cold call from a recruiter. There was no Social Media, there were only home phones and work phones.

Life was so simple.

Not anymore. Competing for a candidate’s attention is not so easy.

Communication channels are distributed across a myriad of channels, mobile, social, email, WhatsApp, skype, and on and on…

And additionally, the developing world has joined the game whereby hundreds of thousands of spamming offshore “sourcers” are hammering candidate communication channels with irrelevant, and ambiguous narratives, causing candidates to “tune out” from “noisy” channels.

Changing Your Game Plan

Let’s re-invent the futile. weak and reactionary strategy of “posting and praying” for talent, and bring your opportunities TO the right audience, and TO the complete audience with the RIGHT message.

The results are astonishing, in some cases, 75% connect rates, 65% response rates, and interviews in days for candidates that took our clients months to fill.

When you partner with Sonata, please understand you’re not working with yet another recruitment firm. We have unique experience in 32 years in executive search as well as founding one of the most successful Social Selling Marketing firms in the US.

We’re fusing proven, field-tested marketing automation strategies and technologies into the recruitment world and the results are amazing. Why? because so few recruiters can do it.

Most CXO’s agree you need a sales pipeline to scale any business but many fail to realize they also need talent pipelines ON-DEMAND to meet turnover AND growth demands.

So, come join us, and we’ll forge a clear path to engage your broader talent audience directly, and build your dream talent acquisition pipeline.

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