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Hey corporate

and agency recruiters!

You’re invited to join the recruiterXchange and receive weekly SMS and email Distributions with access to collaborate with Team Sonata Talent on filling our mostly exclusive, high compensation requirements. As a 1099 we pay outstanding commissions. As a recruiterXchange member you can work wherever, whenever, and however you choose, we only ask that if you work a role you engage with the role 110%.
As an executive search firm, we pride ourselves in filling the “purple squirrels” that challenge our clients. This is the problem we solve and the value we provide. And when we serve our clients with excellence we are generously rewarded.
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As a successful recruiterXchange member you will have the option to move to a House level recruiter if you desire to collaborate on a greater level. You’re welcome to submit on any role company-wide, however, recruiterXchange members will be given exclusive req’s that our internals teams simply don’t have the bandwidth to work.

Step 1. Sign our NDA 

Step 2. Send email to SUBJECT: “I signed Recruiter Exchange NDA” Body: Here is my MOBILE and EMAIL please add me to the weekly distribution list.

Step 3 . Setup weekly calendar alerts and join us every Tuesday at 12 PM EDT on Zoom Meeting ID 5122841593