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Steve Jobs On Hiring

The most important task of an executive is to hire "A" Players on your team.  -Steve Jobs

…In fact, Jobs said hiring a small team of "A" Players will run circles around large groups of "B" and "C" Players.
Steve attributes this strategy as the primary factor for his success. We all know Apple is now the most valuable company ever.
Are you aligned with his philosophy?

Top Grading to "a" Players has proven to help companies OUTGROW and OUT-INNOVATE.
How to identify "A" Players? You can't. Their peers can.
The Sonata Talent Peer Validation method screens candidates out not only by their given references (we all know given references do tell a tale but not the whole story), but broadly among random peers within an organization whereby we rate the candidates "Brand" among peers.
Brilliant? Yes. it has proven to the most simple yet accurate view into a candidates actual contribution; talent measured by peer level respect.
Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon don't rely on local talent pools alone to find "A" Players… they poach key players anywhere and everywhere. Their focus is on the asset not the price and yes… they use Recruiters. They understand basic business case, invest a nickel in exchange for a quarter.