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Talent Pipeline Running Dry?

Then you should automate candidate engagement on Linkedin for an immediate flow of high caliber candidates using Sonata’s Digital RPO.

Are You Tired of Job Boards That Don’t Attract the Best Candidates?

The reality is that recruitment in our age is more complex than ever before and certainly more sophisticated than simply posting a job, especially for scarce skill sets. That poses certain challenges such as:
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If you can relate to any challenges listed above, you need to start using our done-for-you service like yesterday.

We call it Digital Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), using your existing or your teams’ LinkedIn profile or lease one of ours, we’ll automate LinkedIn Invitations AND messaging, to candidates in your industry and location(s).

Companies are realizing that “posting and praying” to job sites simply isn’t delivering the consistent quality and quantity of candidates they need, simply because 95% of candidates are NOT looking for a new job, thus aren’t applying to postings.

We’ll change your entire recruitment strategy from the tiny pond of “post and pray” to the vast ocean of talent via “Direct Response” taking your recruitment message and openings directly to candidates “open to looking at new opportunities.

End the Cycle of Posting and Praying for Good

And Reach Candidates That Job Boards Can’t, Just As Our Clients Do

Check out how we’ve helped people just like you:
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Let’s put your recruitment on autopilot and quickly fill up roles at your company with top candidates!
Now Is the Time to Ditch Mundane Job Boards and Try Something Better

Do you know why most job boards are the least efficient way to find quality candidates?

If you want high-demand candidates, then you need to:
Guess what? Our digital LinkedIn RPO offers you all that and more.
Why Choose Our Digital LinkedIn Recruiter?
Why Choose Our Digital LinkedIn Recruiter?

Get an Immediate Influx of Higher Quality Candidates With Our “Go to Them” Talent Marketing System

We have 32 years of executive search experience and have founded one of the most successful Social Selling Marketing firms in the US.
We’re fusing proven, field-tested marketing automation strategies and technologies into the recruitment world.

Here’s what we can do for you when you work with us:

Let’s bring your recruitment process into the 21st century and enjoy its rewards.

Screen inbound candidate leads yourself OR we will manage the entire process for very low management fee starting as low as 5% of the salary if hired. Compared to an agency fee, it's a radical savings.

Here’s How We Work

We engage with thousands of laser-targeted candidates per year, capturing the ‘recruit-ready’ and nurturing the ‘not ready’. We stay top of mind continuously, alerting candidates directly via LinkedIn Messenger of new openings, company news or whatever it takes to educate them on WHO you are and WHY it’s in their best interest that YOU be their next employer.
We drive OUTBOUND engagement to your Total Addressable Talent Audience via LinkedIn, Cold-Email and Digital Marketing to drive RAPID INBOUND TRAFFIC, we’ll fill your LinkedIn Inbox with candidates quickly and if you can’t handle the flow of leads, we can manage the follow up process for you for a management fee as low as 5%.
We define and refine your
Let’s bring your recruitment process into the 21st century and enjoy its rewards.

Don’t You Want off the Hamster Wheel of Perpetual and Fruitless Job Postings?

Because You Can’t Stand Out Nor Attract Top Talent That Way

Just as you need a sales pipeline to scale any business, you also need on-demand talent pipelines to meet turnover and growth demands.
And for that, you need a full-time DIGITAL LinkedIn Sourcing System that works 24×7, 365 days a year, engaging with talent more than 5x LinkedIn’s restrictive limits for a low monthly fee.
Your problems will only grow with time unless you completely overhaul your recruitment process.
Now is the time to step out of the box and choose a tried and tested automation service with excellent results.