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We surveyed over 100 CIOs. Here’s what they said about IT Hires…

What Trait Do CIOs Value Most in their IT Talent?

In a recent poll surveying over 100 CIOs on their priorities in staffing decisions, Sonata Talent Technical Staffing found that 63% of CIOs tied employees’ success to their Emotional IQ–or “EQ”.
These CIOs agreed that the EQ of IT talent affects both on-time and on-budget delivery of projects and success in infrastructure. 
The CIO respondents say that lack of “EQ” (Workplace Competencies) is at the forefront of the  challenge in their war for talent, second only to Technical Competencies (Hard skills). 
Why such a radical shift in priority? 
Your Employee’s “EQ”. Your Success.

According to research (and common sense), the ability to make successful hiring decisions can often make or break an executive’s longevity in his or her job. The CIO role is fraught with internal and external political pressure, and CIOs accordingly have a higher turnover rate than their peers in other executive roles. (CIO Magazine.)
But few realized how critical staffing quality “EQ” talent has become to their personal and career success.
The Quality of Your Decisions

Clearly, the strength of your decisions and decision-making capabilities plays a major role in your success.
CIOs have come to the realization that soft skills at all levels in the workforce are just as important as hard skills to long-term success, and that finding IT talent with both qualities can be daunting.
My IT staffing company, Sonata Talent, is finely attuned to this challenge to execute a recruitment and screening methodology that will help you bridge the EQ/Skills Gap in your existing staff and future recruits.
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